Key Green Solutions Celebrates Earth Day

Key Green Solutions Team volunteers with Kent Conservation District in celebration of Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Week! Why limit action to Monday? There are endless opportunities to express appreciation and love for our beautiful planet every single day.

This past Saturday the Key Green Solutions team volunteered with Kent Conservation District in support of the Homegrown National Park Movement. This event involved selling and giving bare root plants native to Michigan. The event encourages the community to take the seedlings home to be planted on the same day, with the ultimate goal of helping individuals join the movement to restore biodiversity and ecosystem function.

Key Green Solutions customers understand the importance of making every day Earth Day, no matter how small the impact may initially seem. The little steps count on the path to a more sustainable community. If your facility is interested in gaining a better understanding of its daily energy use, water consumption, purchasing patterns, nutritional purchasing habits, greenhouse gas emissions, or waste disposal, please reach out to Relationship Manager Jeff Burks for an easy, free, and quick consultation.

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Happy Holidays from Key Green Solutions

Relationship Manager Jeff Burks and Implementation Specialist Wade Boluyt pictured

The Key Green Solutions team was able to come together and ring the bell for the Salvation Army this past Friday.

It was a pleasure to give back with our time, and to hear the amazing stories of those who stopped and donated. Remember to give back to the community this holiday season, and have a blessed time with friends and family!

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Key Green Solutions Sponsors and Helps Grand River Cleanup

KGS team participates in the 19th Annual Mayors’ Grand River Cleanup

This past Saturday the KGS team had the opportunity to participate in the 19th Annual Mayors’ Grand River Cleanup in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Key Green Solutions :: Environmental Sustainability Stategies and Management – Energy software helps organizations across the country manage their water resources. As the leader in sustainability management software, Key Green is proud to be part of managing and maintaining clean water.

Author for Melissa Schrauben has said that “While the Grand River makes up 13% of the Lake Michigan watershed, it’s still the largest contributor to the lake’s pollution.” This unfortunate scenario is why the community has decided to come together and make a change.

This annual event is an opportunity for the community to come together and clean up trash from the Grand River and the surrounding land, helping the community make a commitment to a clean and sustainable future at home. In an interview from Fox 17 Annual Mayors’ Grand River Cleanup kicks off ( , Managing Partner of KGS Mark Huizenga was quoted saying of the event, “People from all over the area come here to say clean water’s important to us, and to be part of a solution.”

The Annual Mayors’ Grand River Cleanup is only one of many events that Key Green Solutions supports, and we look forward to finding more opportunities to not only help other businesses work towards sustainability, but to also show our community that we as a business care and are taking steps personally towards a better future.