Key Green Solutions Teams Up With Well House

The Key Green team got to flex their muscles and break a sweat in the name of helping the community. Key Green Solutions spent several hours working in one of eight urban garden lots weeding, mulching, and clearing an urban garden for a local Grand Rapids organization, Well House.

Well House provide safe, affordable housing for the homeless. The organization purchases vacant homes in Grand Rapids and turns them into beautiful and vibrant homes for those in need. Homes are provided to those in the most dire of needs and residents are allowed to stay until they are ready to move on. Their vision for the organization includes creating a vibrant community and neighborhood connected by land and the food from it, people, and culture.
Their eight urban gardens provide residents with an opportunity for income and freshly grown produce to eat. The organization even offers cooking classes to residents to inspire them to cook more and use the ingredients from the garden.
Rachel Brown, Relationship Coordinator, commented, “It was such a positive experience for our organization to work with Well House. We all feel aligned with their purpose to help those in need and the urban garden is beautiful and functional. We look forward to spending more time volunteering in their urban garden. “