Key Green Successfully Uploads Data to Practice Greenhealth Award Application

Another Successful Year!
Key Green Solutions has not only done it again, but we have done it bigger and better than last year. This year we automatically uploaded data into the Practice Greenhealth Partner for Change Award Application for 59 hospitals. We scrubbed through 610,082 data records to answer 4,000 questions in the Award Application. It took 5 minutes.
One word; Automatic. Key Green Solutions is the Gold Standard for data. We collect data directly from the vendors and upload it into our software. We receive this data monthly from the vendors and keep our Dashboard up to date, allowing hospitals to view the most accurate and current data. Our team reviews the data and clarifies any discrepancies with the vendors.
This is how we export data into the PGH Award Application, all it takes is one click.
Practice Greenhealth Key Green Solutions
Key Green Solutions doesn’t just help hospitals save time and money, we help those hospitals set the standard, the standard of excellence. We would like to thank all the hospitals that relied on our team to help complete the Practice Greenhealth Award Application. It was our pleasure serving you and we look forward to next year’s upload.

Energy Star Export Available to Key Green Customers

Key Green Solutions is proud to announce our Energy Star Export located on the new Key Green Solutions dashboard. This easy to use feature enables users to generate an excel document with their energy data. The data is then in the ideal format to uploaded into Energy Star Portfolio Manager. This feature is available to all Key Green customers.

Key Green Solutions creates 2017 Practice Greenhealth Award export

Key Green Solutions is proud to announce their exclusive partnership with Practice Greenhealth to create a data export for the 2017 Practice Greenhealth Awards, which is now available to all Key Green customers.
This feature is located directly on the Key Green Solutions portal, allowing all customers to have access to a simple data export to download their data. This allows for a seamless application process, as Key Green customers will no longer have to manually enter the data into the award application. This data export alleviates some of stress associated with award application season.
Sister Mary Ellen Leciejewski, Director of Ecology, Dignity Health commented, “through our partnership with Key Green Solutions, starting this year, the Practice Greenhealth Award Application will be so much easier to complete because of Key Green Solutions’ ability to upload all our quantitative data into the award application. In 2016 only 7 Dignity Health hospitals applied for awards because of how much time it takes to complete the award application. In 2017, Dignity Health will be able to apply for System for Change Award, because all 37 hospitals will have data uploaded by Key Green Solutions saving our hospitals weeks of work thanks to Key Green. Our exciting partnership continues to expand as the opportunities grow in our health system to become more sustainable”.

Key Green Solutions welcomes Julia Reigler

Key Green Solutions is thrilled to welcome Julia Reigler, our newest Implementation Coordinator, to the Key Green Solutions family.
Julia is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science and Sustainability. While at Michigan State, Julia worked on a community sustainability project that helped with the local farmer’s market at the Lansing State Capital. Julia also has previous work experience in customer satisfaction. Her studies have included environmental management, environmental engineering, and practicing sustainable design. Julia has a strong passion for the environment and believes that it is important to better the current environmental state.
Jeff Burks, Key Green Solutions Relationship Manager, writes “we are very excited to have Julia Reigler join our team. Her customer service skills will greatly benefit our users. Welcome Julia!”

Key Green Solutions receives GSA Federal Supply Schedule Multiple Award – Contract Number GS-35F-314BA

Key Green Solutions has been awarded GSA Federal Supply Schedule Multiple Award IT Schedule contract effective April 9, 2014.  The contract period is through April 8, 2019.
Mona Settle, GSA Contracting Officer, states “Congratulations on receiving your GSA Federal Supply Schedule Multiple Award IT Schedule contract under Solicitation Number FCIS-JB-980001B, Refresh 32.”

New Key Green Feature: Vendor Map

Our new Vendor Map has proven to be an invaluable tool for our customers with multiple facilities.  The Vendor Map allows users to view details about every facility’s vendors.  At a glance, you will be able to see all the different electricity, natural gas, water, and waste vendors the facilities in your organization use.  Viewing the actual data for these vendors is simple.  Just click on the vendor name and you will be brought to the specific Data Collection page for that facility’s vendor.
The search field enables you to filter the Vendor Map.  For example, if a user wanted to find all the facilities within their organization that used a particular electricity vendor, all that person needs to do is type the vendor name in the search field.
Once contract end dates have been added to your vendors, the Vendor Map then becomes more robust because you then have the option of viewing your contract end dates in the Vendor Map.  This can be useful for renegotiating new contracts in the future.    
Key Green is committed to help our customers use their data and create meaningful informational reports.

Key Green Solutions customers find it easier to apply for the 2012 Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards

It can be a challenge to find data for electricity, natural gas, water, recycling, hazardous, regulated medical waste, solid waste, pharmaceuticals and universal waste.  Now with Key Green Solutions sustainability management software, it is easy.  Many of the Key Green Solutions customers are applying for the nationally recognized Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards.  This awards application is the roadmap for how to strategically “go green” at your hospital.
Denise Choiniere, MS, RN, sustainability manager for University of Maryland Medical Center says, “got to tell you…your system is AWESOME for pulling data!  This will not be nearly as painful as last year!”
Bob Demers, with St. Joseph Hospital (Covenant Health Systems) says, ”I used the software to pull my energy numbers for the awards application and it worked great!”
Alison Waske, Sustainable Business Officer with Metro Health says, “we used KGS to help identify the total amount and cost of many different waste streams needed to complete the Practice Greenhealth award application.”

Key Green Solutions, LLC (KGS) enhances the software to provide increased security for our customers. KGS stresses its privacy and security standards to guard against identity theft and provide security for our customer’s information. We regularly evaluate our privacy and security policies and adapt them as necessary to deal with new challenges.  We have increased our security with high grade 256-bit SSL encryption and secure identification of our network web server providing a significantly higher degree of security.
Jeff Burks, Relationship Manager for Key Green Solutions states, “Bank-level security is our standard so our customer’s can have peace of mind.”