Key Green Successfully Uploads Data to Practice Greenhealth Award Application

Another Successful Year!

Key Green Solutions has not only done it again, but we have done it bigger and better than last year. This year we automatically uploaded data into the Practice Greenhealth Partner for Change Award Application for 74 hospitals. We scrubbed through 774,834 data records to answer 4,000 questions in the Award Application. It took 5 minutes.

How? One word; Automatic. Key Green Solutions is the Gold Standard for data. We collect data directly from the vendors and upload it into our software. We receive this data monthly from the vendors and keep our Dashboard up to date, allowing hospitals to view the most accurate and current data. Our team reviews the data and clarifies any discrepancies with the vendors. This is how we export data into the PGH Award Application, all it takes is one click.

Other data upload statistics include:

• Reported over $200 million in energy costs

• Reported over 56 million pounds of recycling – our users averaged 45% recycling rate

• Reported over 1.5 million pounds of sustainable meats purchased – our users averaged 28% sustainable meat

• Reported over $4 million in local food purchases

• Reported over $9.5 million in sustainable food purchases

Key Green Solutions doesn’t just help hospitals save time and money, we help those hospitals set the standard, the standard of excellence. We would like to thank all the hospitals that relied on our team to help complete the Practice Greenhealth Award Application. It was our pleasure serving you and we look forward to next year’s upload.