Palomar Health saves over $30,000 annually in waste service costs by reducing the number of pickups!

Barbara Hamilton, System Sustainability Manager at Palomar Health, states “when I was
looking at the data in the Key Green Solutions dashboard, I noticed that our Palomar
Downtown campus was paying twice as much per ton as the other two campuses for
municipal solid waste, (regular trash). Upon closer inspection, and because all the information is in the same place and easy to compare, I noticed that the waste compactor at Palomar Downtown campus was being picked up for disposal 3 times per week, and it only needed to be picked up one time per week.  Apparently the schedule had never been changed after the move to Palomar Medical Center. By catching this in the software and reducing that service, we are now saving over $20,000 per year. We made a similar adjustment at Palomar Medical Center and reduced service by one day and are saving an additional $10,000 at that campus.”
Key Green Solutions is the leading international provider of a sustainability management software suite for healthcare.  Key Green is benchmarking and standardizing energy, water, waste, food and environmentally preferred purchasing data for hospitals and
helping in their quest for increasing efficiency and managing costs as they deliver care in their facilities.  The software has interfaces to load the vendor’s electronic data, instead of
manually collecting the data in spreadsheets.

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