Better Performance from Key Green Solutions

Key Green continues to invest to provide our customers best-in-class performance!

Last week our team of technicians upgraded our production severs, taking our user experience to a new level.  The new servers take advantage of virtualization; our main server and mobile server are now virtual machines that allow us to move seamlessly to new hardware in the future. We now have the capability to move to our backup server in a very short amount of time if hardware problems arise.  Our database server was upgraded to new hardware and faster drives to handle increased activity and volume of clients and customers.  

With our new servers and operating system on the database– combined with the migration of the web servers to virtual containers– Key Green Solutions is poised for long-term operation with simplified future upgrades and larger volumes of data processing.  Our customers will be experiencing a faster, more robust environment as they run complex reports!

Minority Owned Businesses: Let’s Talk About It!

In light of events going on worldwide, lots of companies are working to be more inclusive and more intentional about where they are putting their money and whom they are supporting. Key Green Solutions can help your company make those moves and take a closer look at the kind of world you’re working to create.

Within Key Green Solutions software you are able to view which of your vendors are minority owned! With your permission, your relationship coordinator will reach out to each vendor at your facilities and request information about who owns the company/ how much diversity is in the vendor’s workforce. You can then take this information and relay it with real numbers, showing your system’s desire for diversity in its community.

Key Green Solutions—Compliments Software Within Your Facility

At Key Green Solutions, we work with raw data coming straight from your vendors. This means that we receive the most accurate data to provide your team with precise reporting and analytics.  Key Green supplements  many software tools you may already have in place. For example, we can partner with your Stericycle IWSS team and enhance data reporting by breaking down your waste categories. We can take big data and make it as small as you would like—creating easy to use charts, graphs and benchmarks – in  which ever format your team needs!

We work closely with Stericycle IWSS staff to create “pull reports” that help with their sustainability reporting, and we are able to provide benchmarking. We also can include any fees you pay in your monthly cost reporting. We help make reporting more comprehensive, and can improve upon any programs you wish to strengthen.

Key Green Solutions can be introduced to any facility and fits in any atmosphere. Our job is to make data handling easier for everyone on your team, whether these team members are internal, or programs run by your vendors.

Contact us at 1-844-665-9043 or to schedule a free demonstration of the software.

Our enterprise level sustainability tools will help your organization develop systematic solutions!

Key Green Solutions: Beyond Data Tracking

Did you know that Key Green Solutions is not just a software system? We go beyond a website, and have an entire team that helps you interpret and collect your data. When you bring our software to your organization, you get your own personal relationship coordinator that is dedicated to helping your facilities thrive.

Your relationship coordinator can help you:

  • upload data to other interfaces
  • put together presentations
  • contact your vendors concerning any data discrepancies
  • send out reports
  • train coworkers to use the software
  • and more!

Does your facility use EnergyStar Portfolio Manager? No longer does your team have to spend hours on end uploading data; we can do it for you! We are dedicated to making your job easier. We take care of the details so that your team can focus on the big picture, and positively impacting your communities!

Sustainable Purchase Tracking: How Green are Your Purchases?

Another module Key Green Solutions offers is Purchasing! It’s important to know what your facility is buying. With our software, you can manage and measure different categories of product purchases!

Safer Chemicals (Green Cleaning, DEHP/PVC Reduction, Healthy Interiors)

Smarter Purchasing (Reprocessed Devices (SUD), EPEAT)

Paper (Post Consumer Recycled)

Office Supplies (Cartridges, IT Equipment, etc.)

Telecommunications (Telephone, Long Distance, Wireless, Cable/Satellite, Broadband/Data)

Our software helps easily identify which products are being purchased to promote safer and healthier environments. Take a step towards greener purchasing to help promote better health for your community’s environment!

Sustainable Food Practices: Track Your Food Data!

One of the modules we at Key Green Solutions track is food! Food has a great impact on the environment; what we put in our cafeterias can either negatively or positively affect your immediate community. With our module, we can automatically input the items your vendors provide to you along with costs. You can take an even deeper look and track how many sustainable foods you are purchasing, and how much of your cafeteria is made up of foods purchased from local vendors.

Track and measure the food and beverages purchased to establish a baseline, set goals, and track your progress. The food module provides robust metrics and food data collection that is essential for making healthy food purchasing changes. We track:

• Less Meat, Better Meat (reduced meat purchases)

• Healthier beverages

• Local and sustainable food purchasing

• Cool Food Pledge

• Practice Greenhealth

• Partnership for Healthier America

• Prime

Additionally, we can customize the criteria to meet the needs of your specific organization!

All Your Energy Data at the Touch of Your Fingertips!

At Key Green Solutions, one of the modules we offer for tracking is Energy & Water. We are able to obtain data directly from your vendors, making the process easy for your employees. Simply log in and have a comprehensive view of all your data.

Track energy sources by meter (consumption and supply) costs in one place:

  • Electricity (Grid, Hydroelectric, Wind, Solar, Biomass, Cogeneration)
    • Heating (Natural Gas, Steam, Propane, Fuel, Cogeneration)
    • Water (Potable water, Sewage, Irrigation, Make-Up, and Storm water)
    • Chilled Water
    • Hot Water

We normalize the energy data to account for changes in:

  • Weather (heating and cooling degree days)
    • Square footage
    • Billing cycle days / Calendar month days
    • Rates

We are able to help you look at meter usage, and can point out any problems that may be costing your organization money in the long run.

Contact us at 1-844-665-9043 or to schedule a free demonstration of the software.

Our enterprise level sustainability tools will help your organization develop systematic solutions!

Track Your Waste with Key Green Solutions!

At Key Green Solutions we offer different modules for tracking data at your facility. One of the modules we track is waste! Customers can log in and run reports for all facilities in their system, and even get automatically formulated graphs that are easily exported for presentation purposes.

With our waste module you can: Analyze waste generation, see landfill avoidance savings, view recycling volumes, and look at cost trends over time using benchmarks and performance reports for each facility.

Track all of the following in one portal:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (Compactors, Front Load, etc.)
    • Regulated Medical Waste (Red Bag, Yellow Bag, Chemo, Sharps, etc.)
    • Pharmaceutical Waste (RCRA, Non-RCRA, Controlled Substance)
    • Hazardous Waste (Aerosols, Xylene, Flammable Liquids, Labpacks, etc.)
    • Recycling (Compost, Shredding, Cardboard, Single Stream, Blue Wrap, etc.)
    • Universal (Electronics, Batteries, Lamps, etc.)
    • Reuse (Donations, Reprocessed Devices (SUD), Pallets, Linens, etc.)
    • Construction and Demolition (Solid Waste, Recycling, Concrete, Asbestos, etc.)

Contact us at 1-844-665-9043 or to schedule a free demonstration of the software.

Our enterprise level sustainability tools will help your organization develop systematic solutions!

Dominican Hospital, Dignity Health: Outstanding Environmental Work

Today, two days after Earth Day, we reflect on all the outstanding work of one of our customers, Dominican Hospital of Dignity Health. In 2019, Dominican Hospital made a huge sustainability impact through recycling, diversion, and reprocessing!

Despite the current global crisis, this week we celebrate all the work our customers are doing to better the environment–starting with their own communities– with their sustainability efforts. We are honored to assist our customers in attaining these sustainability goals and practices through data tracking; having a grip on your own data helps bring about positive, long term changes!

Key Green’s Investment in Technology

Sustainability Dashboard

One superior aspect to using Key Green Solutions as a data tracking software is its easy accessibility– using the dashboard and reporting. Any user can log on at any time to run reports at the push of a button—and we work to make this experience easy!

This week Key Green Solutions increased our server connection speed, doubling an already fast connection. Key Green continues to invest in technology that makes your experience hassle-free, providing the fastest connections and best technology for our customers. As always, this upgrade came at no extra cost for our users. Our hope is to continue improving customer experience; feel free to reach out to your relationship coordinator at any time with personalization requests for your dashboard!

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