Exciting Staff Updates at Key Green Solutions

Key Green Solutions has experienced some exciting staff updates this fall.
On September 7, Alyssa Antekeier, one of our Relationship Coordinators, married
Brett Buit, a U.S. Naval Fire Controlman, and become Alyssa Antekeier Buit.  In late October she moved to Yokosuka, Japan where Brett is stationed.  We are very excited that Alyssa will continue to work for Key Green Solutions from her Japanese office!!   She will continue to serve our customers in the same great manner that she has historically.
The week after Alyssa was married, Alison Waske, our Senior Sustainability Consultant, married Bill Sutter on September 14 and became Alison Waske Sutter.
In September, we also added Juleen Haartman, a part-time Data Specialist, to help manage the vendor data we receive on your behalf.  We’re very excited about the addition to our staff.

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