On November 10, 2011, the University of Maryland Medical Center and Denise Choiniere, sustainability manager, are winners of Maryland Hospitals for Healthy Environment (MD H2E) awards.

The first annual Nursing Leadership in Environmental Health Award was presented to Denise Choiniere, MS, RN, sustainability manager for University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). Choiniere, the first full-time sustainability manager in a Maryland hospital, spearheaded a number of environmental initiatives at UMMC, including a hazardous pharmaceutical waste management program, Earth Day events, and a weekly farmers’ market.
UMMC won the Trailblazer award for focusing on lighting conservation and upgrades in the past year. The goals of their project included turning off lights when not in use and when daylight is sufficient in atriums and hallways, replace inefficient light bulbs with more efficient bulbs, and establish a baseline to monitor changes. Occupancy sensors and photo cell sensors were installed and lights in mechanical rooms were placed on automated controls.
Denise and her leadership team utilizes Key Green Solutions software suite to manage their sustainability program.

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