Which do you prefer: Reducing Energy Costs, Or Driving Green Initiatives? You can have both!

Tracking metrics?  Riding the sustainability “wave”?  According to the Center of Sustainability at Aquinas College, “’Sustainable Business’ is a non-traditional strategy that strives to maximize effectiveness”.  Tracking Metrics can tell you what you should do and as a result, you will be measuring your successes.
Key Green Solutions’ cutting-edge Sustainability Management Web-Based Software designed for Hospital and hospital shared laundry facilities makes tracking sustainability metrics simple and saves the organization time and money.  Our software automates your energy, water and waste data collection and analysis, benchmarks the data using health care metrics (patient days, licensed beds, FTE’s, etc) and provides advanced reporting with dashboards, scorecards, facility comparison, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions calculations.
It sounds complicated, but with the integrated project management tools the software helps your team learn about sustainability, assists management as they strive towards reducing costs and drives green initiatives.
Find out how health care is saving time and money with Key Green Solutions web-based software. (http://www.keygreensolutions.com)

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