Key Green Solutions, LLC (KGS) welcomes University of Maryland Medical Center, a nationally recognized leader in sustainable health care, as a customer.

Key Green Solutions LLC, a leading hospital sustainability management software company, announces that it has entered into an agreement with University of Maryland Medical Center to provide exclusive Sustainability Management Software to UMMC in Baltimore, Maryland.
Denise Choiniere, Sustainability Manager for UMMC states, “UMMC chose to partner with KGS to help us streamline and track our sustainability goals.  KGS’s willingness to work with us to develop the best tool possible to help us move our sustainability program forward is very exciting.  Not to mention the time saved by not having to manual enter data, frees up staff to work on other projects.”

Key Green Solutions, LLC (KGS) welcomes Ridgeview Medical Center, a leading Practice Green Health member and Minnesota’s multi-year national Environmental Leadership Circle award winner, as a customer.

Key Green Solutions LLC, the leading hospital sustainability management software company, announces today that it has entered into an agreement with Ridgeview Medical Center to provide exclusive Sustainability Management Software to Ridgeview in Waconia, Minnesota.  The agreement represents an expansion for Key Green Solutions into the Minnesota market.
Todd Wilkening, Director of Facilities for Ridgeview states “choosing Key Green Solutions is the right choice for Ridgeview.  It contributes to our annual score card with Practice Green Health and also provides us comparables against like hospitals in terms of square footage and business units.”

Key Green Solutions expands the partnership with Metro Health to include outpatient centers

Key Green Solutions LLC, the leading hospital sustainability management software company, announced today that it has expanded the partnership with Metro Health to include some of their outpatient centers.
Alison Waske, Sustainable Business Officer for Metro Health states, “At Metro Health Hospital, we believe in implementing sustainability throughout our entire system, including our neighborhood outpatient centers.  It’s easy to focus on measuring sustainability metrics at a brand new LEED certified hospital, but it is just as important to monitor sustainability as it is incorporated across all of your facilities.  Extending our partnership with Key Green Solutions beyond our hospital to our outpatient centers was an easy decision to make as we begin implementing sustainability programs at all of our neighborhood outpatient centers.”

Key Green Solutions, LLC has been named a 2011 Innovation Michigan finalist

KeyGreen Solutions, LLC, an innovative hospital sustainability web based software company based in Grand Rapids has been named a top 25 finalist for the 2011 Innovation Michigan Awards by BusinessReview West Michigan
Mark Huizenga, Key Green Solutions Manager is also a health care consultant , states
that Key Green Solutions unique software suite has been a providing of software
to West Michigan hospitals several years.  Key Green Solutions continues to grow their market, expanding into several additional states.    This year Key Green Solutions has had several new installations in hospitals in Michigan and has expanded into Maryland,
Indiana and Ohio.  Key Green continues to provide distinctive energy, waste, and recycling programs for hospitals.  There are a number of features that make this software exceptional for hospitals, such as facilitation the green movement in a facility through their project management component.  Sustainability has been a growing market, but
the Key Green software not only “greens” their hospital clients, but also helps them realize a “bottom line” result as well.  Jeff Burks is Key Green’s relationship manager, Jeff stated the growth for this product has been phenomenal, we will continue to grow, and expect to have the software suite in an additional 100 hospitals by year end.
For more information about how Key Green Solutions can help your hospital, contact Jeff Burks at 1-877-777-0862.

Key Green Solutions Customer Saves Energy and Money by Retrofitting Lamps

1 simple way to produce real energy savings; a Key Green Solutions hospital customer retrofitted their lamps from T12 to T8 and saved both energy and money.

The hospital saw several benefits after retrofitting from T12 to T8

  • It was simple to do.
  • They saved over $50,000 annually.
  • Their simple payback was less than 2 years.
  • T8 lamps function with reduced mercury, a potentially harmful substance used in many lighting fixtures, therefore T8s are more sustainable.

The hospital utilizes Key Green Solutions sustainability software suite to measure and manage their energy conservation initiatives.  Find out how your hospital can utilize Key Green software – the first 30 minute phone call is free – Call Jeff Burks, Relationship Manager at 877-777-0862.

Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (CCHGC) recognizes Key Green Solutions as a charter member at the 2011 Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES) conference held in Collingwood, Ontario

CCGHC is an alliance of committed Canadian health service organizations, associations and environmentally focused business associates that promotes the adoption of environmentally friendly and sustainable health care service delivery to complement the compassionate delivery of health care.   CCGHC encourages the adoption of resource conservation, pollution prevention principles and effective environmental management systems to reduce the Canadian health care sys­tem’s ecological impact while protecting human health.
Key Green Solutions (KGS) is a leading international provider of a sustainability management software suite for healthcare.  KGS is benchmarking and standardizing energy, water and waste data for hospitals and helping in their quest for increasing efficiency and managing costs as they deliver care in their facilities.

The Center for Sustainability at Aquinas College highlights Key Green Solutions as one of Spectrum Health’s unique programs

Spectrum Health System has a nationally recognized sustainability program.  Aquinas College, the first institution in the United States to offer undergraduate degrees in sustainable business, recognizes what Spectrum has accomplished.  Click on the link to see a list of the many unique sustainability programs that have been implemented at Spectrum, including partnering with Key Green Solutions sustainability management software suite.

Spectrum Health System receives Practice Greenhealth 2011 System for Change award and others

Since the System for Change award’s program began in 2008, only 17 health care systems in the U.S. have received this award. This is a great accomplishment for Spectrum and indicates a shift towards creating a sustainability culture.
Additionally, Spectrum Health Butterworth and Blodgett Hospitals received Partner for Change with Distinction. And Spectrum Health United Hospital received Partner for Change.
Spectrum Health System utilizes Key Green Solutions software suite to manage their sustainability program.

Metro Health Hospital receives Practice Greenhealth 2011 Environmental Leadership Circle award

This is the third year in a row that Metro Health has received this award.  The Environmental Leadership Circle is the premier award recognizing health care facilities that exemplify environmental excellence and are setting the highest standards for environmental practices in health care. To be considered, facilities must meet the criteria for the mercury-free award, recycle at least 25 percent of their total waste, have implemented numerous other innovative pollution prevention programs, and be leaders in their community. 
Metro Health Hospital utilizes Key Green Solutions software suite to manage their sustainability program.

Automated tracking recognized by two Key Green Solutions customers

Spectrum Health System and Metro Health are managing and measuring their sophisticated and complex recycling programs with ease.  Read this article to learn how they do it.